Environmental Policy

We use as many local suppliers and producers as possible, thus reducing transport and increasing quality and freshness.

Breakfasts are cooked to order, thus providing the best product and reducing waste.
Unused toast or food scraps are used for chickenfeed.

Cold tea and coffee is used for watering plants.

Packaging is recycled.

Contents of bins are separated and recycled.

Magazines provided in the guestrooms are recycled to various charities.

Daily checklists are in place and routines followed to reduce electricity and water and ensure safety and awareness throughout bedrooms and public areas.

Our buildings are double glazed and insulated.

We use low energy light bulbs where possible.

Our toilets have dual flush mechanisms therefor reducing water consumption.

We ask our guest to help us with our environmental goals regarding towel and linen usage.

We ask them to be aware of electricity usage and switch off lights when not occupying their room.

We recycle visitor information such as brochures and maps.

All our staff are local.

Our laundry supplier has invested in new plant, which reduces gas, electricity and water delivering better quality and increased efficiency.

Although we are aware of our environmental challenges, and asks our guests to work with us in helping us achieve our goals, our priority is always to provide a five-star gold standard of comfort, service and quality.